Total Top quality Management

Quality: -

1- Is fitness for use ( joseph Juran )

2- Quality can be described as grade: - the class is one of the following (performance, existence, appearance, preference, odor, maintainability. 3- Level of performance

4- Conformance to requirements of the client ( Philip Crosby ) 5- Conformance to the standers

Total quality management: - is actually a management beliefs contain most activities in the organization that makes the organization attain the expectation of the buyer and firm and the culture using useful ways and optimum usage of resources with motive of continual improvement Advantages of employing total quality management

1- Improvement of competitive position in the org and increase the earnings. 2- Good relationship with suppliers

3- Increase satisfaction with the customer

4- Improvement with the quality of products and services

5- Reducing price, reducing squander, reducing defects

6- Opining fresh markets

7- Right new

8- Fast response ( merely in time )

9- Improvement of features through schooling and motives 10- Motivation of all employees through involvement and decision making Difference between traditional managing and total quality managing | Classic management | | Total quality management

1| Specific work | 1| Staff work, staff spirit

2| Concentration on the product | 2| Concentration in most process | 3| Cohesive controlling | 3| Self-controlling

4| In need improvement | 4| Regular improvement

5| Company policy | 5| Versatile policy

6| Keeping of the data | 6| Analyzing in the data

7| Profit positioning | 7| Customer satisfaction orientation | 8| Short term romance | 8| Long term marriage | 9| External customer involvement | 9| Entail employees and external customers | 10| Individual encounter | 10| Experience through team operate

The masters of total quality administration: -

W, EDWAR DEMING (father...




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