Technology Dumbing Down Society

Hersker Gracyalny

Literature and Formula Honors

Mrs. Madrigal

nineteen April 2013

Dumbing Straight down of Society Caused by Technology

What will a perfect community be like? May a perfect globe be achieved? How would technology play a role within a Utopian society and how wouldn't it affect persons socially? Technology plays an essential role inside our society today in economic and social ways. That allows visitors to easily access email and quickly come back phone calls. Almost all businesses today use some form of technology to more efficiently generate their services or products. Even social support systems have been developed to allow individuals to post incidents in their lives and speak with others on-line. Texting lets people to talk without out actually discussing with each other. Even though texting, social networking sites, and androids improve the communication, as a result, many Americans turn into less cultural. In F 451, writer Ray Bradbury argues the fact that development of technology is " dumbing down” people inside the Utopian contemporary society, ultimately bending the perfect universe into a dystopian society. Beam Bradbury's not perfect society in Fahrenheit 451 partially describes our the modern American tradition as we struggle to find the total amount between technology and sociable relationships.

One of the major affects on American society in the last few decades may be the television. In Fahrenheit 451, the parlours are a need where these are the center of people's lives. Mildred, who is Montag's wife, constantly wrist watches sitcoms and also other shows on her three-walled parlour, and the girl even wishes a last. While Montag is concerned regarding providing to get his relatives, Mildred simply wishes to boost her usage of technology. " Will you switch the parlour off? He asked. ‘That's my family. ' Will you transform it off for the sick person? ‘I'll turn it down. ' (Bradbury 46). Mildred feels that observing shows issues parlour is somewhat more important than Montag. Even though several of Mildred's actions will be extreme, they may be still present in...




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