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Sharecroppers and the Climb of the KKK

By: Zachary Perez

Vacation during the entire eastern period The Flagellants used conical hats, light robes and mask had been used for self-discipline in a sexual act. But in the 1860s in the United States it did not have the same use or meaning. The Ku Klux Klan-also known as the KKK, a business based on light supremacy and hatred for any other race mainly African-American. The KKK disseminated dread and dread among other races and African- American population, they might usually strike at night using their faces protected claiming to ghosts from the confederate's soldiers. In the beginning the kkk terrorized small towns where everybody knew the other person. But as African-Americans started to pass on throughout the usa and becoming critical roles in society just like political frontrunners and faith leaders just like Malcolm Back button, Martin Luther king jr, Rose Playground etc…the kkk stared to organizing personal riots and massacres of entire black families. By 1880s the KKK declined but raised again in the late 1990s, if the burning get across appeared once again due to the released of a film named " The Birthday of a Nation” by Leo Frank, a Jewish business man(The Mississippi Burning trial 73). Together with the KKK various other situation happen during the post-war period it had been the sharecroppers. After the detrimental war, slaved used a technique called sharecropping to pay their debts and make extra money. Likewise plantation owners would provide them cash for meals and products and they might also give them a log cabin they can use to reside. Since owners borrow some money from the financial institution, they would take advantage of the interest rate they will charged the slave. The plantation owners dislike the techniques because they will not have the net percentage of advantages but required money before the plantation would go into bankruptcy.




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