Robert Gray Poem- Old Property and Late Ferry

'Poetic Language is used for capturing Human Activities;

`In Robert Gray’s poems, he uses language for capturing human experience. In two of his poetry; old home and late ferry, gray has efficiently captured human being experiences by his differs poetic 'languages' and through insight and feeling. Through both text messaging late ferry and aged house, gray’s main communication in the poetry, with his important analysis, is the destruction of nature simply by mankind. In old residence, gray has captured the human experience of the process of death. He does this through insight and he successfully conveys this kind of with poetic language like the use of metaphor. This is the title itself ‘ old house’. The title doesn’t literally indicate an old residence, but in idea, Grays imagines it to mean more of an company or a hospital. Gray is using this metaphor to capture a human’s feeling whilst looking out through the interior associated with an institute or perhaps hospital, about to pass on. In late ferry, dreary captured a persons experience of leaving home for the first time and doesn’t be happy with his future life style, inside the city your life. He provides insight to capture this experience by using symbolism. In this text, gray reveals the city to be fake, contrary to his past, and natural habitat; characteristics. His imagistic language exists throughout the text message to emphasis how man-made the city is definitely. An example of this could be ‘ neon’, which is artificial lights; this means that your city light is artificial. Also, Grays portrays the ‘bridge’ to become ‘giant prop’, this insinuates that the metropolis is just a big production, with fake objects to make that seem genuine and organic. Gray reflects the feeling of human encounters in older house by simply emphasising the purity of death. He effectively provides this throughout the repetition of ‘white’, which is symbolic intended for light, chastity, calmness and innocence. This is certainly evident with all the...




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