Riverbend Case Study

With the big boom with the telecommunications market within the past few years, many telecommunications companies are researching to expand all their base and grab that incremental component to market share. The advancement of technology triggers a greater client demand to fulfill the voids of older, less effective communication methods. Technology and development are the means by which the phone system industry continues to be able to rate of growth. Riverbend Telephone Company is one of those telecommunications organizations that is looking to expand their business in the telecommunications industry.

Riverbend Telephone Firm is a great independently held telecom corporation. It's market place base is usually local nevertheless the challenge should be to broaden its geographic insurance coverage area. Buyers in this local, and near by, communities have the ability to receive telephone service from Riverbend. Just lately, this geographic area provides undergone hostile growth. This growth can be attributed to the development of a fresh bridge between two little cities. With an increase of access to this kind of additional town, Riverbend is usually seeing a purpose for cell phone service from this new place, and thus the chance to expand all their market.

With all the new area that needs to be dished up, Riverbend evaluated and concluded that it needed at least one new maintenance vehicle and an extra crew. The necessity to obtain a new truck gives opportunities for more analysis to ascertain if the pickup truck should be bought or leased and if 1 option can be selected within the other, how will this decision affect upcoming costs to Riverbend?

1) Should Riverbend buy or perhaps lease the truck?

In order to do a reasonable comparison of quantity, we need to calculate the present benefit of an premium for renting the vehicle. With an presumed discount rate of 10%, over the course of a few years, we calculated something special value of $27, 293. 76. So if we would have been to look at value alone, the modern day value pertaining to leasing a vehicle for 5 years at $7, 2 hundred a year can be $27, 293. 76 which is $2, 993. 76 a lot more than if the organization would...




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