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February 6th, 2013

Fewer Learners Less Money

In " No-Nonsense Approach to Attendance Policies Will Cut Fails, ” William Cooper attempts to show how community educational institutions need to give attention to attendance coverage for the better with the student as well as for the school. The previous school tutor shows that at a previous institution the attendance policy wasn't enforced the way it should have been. In this article, Cooper argues that attendance plan should be unplaned for the issues of government-loan money presented to colleges.

The copy writers purpose was going to show that having a tight attendance policy meant having the ability to keep getting government funds for the college. " I thought about asking if his generosity acquired something to do with the government-loan money the college got to keep so long as students slept on the roster for 62 percent in the term…” The audience is towards government and towards colleges who you do not have strict attendance policies.

The writer's perspective is that colleges must have a tight attendance insurance plan so that they may waste taxpayer's money or government cash. " This could cut in the income stream of some for-profit schools, but it presents welcome comfort to the people who have to post the case for these debt. ” Cooper looks at precisely what is better intended for the student in addition to the community in that it should be a stricter coverage to prove that it is not a waste involving.

Coopers evidence works well because he uses a personal knowledge to confirm a point. " I can't say for sure if their default rate on student loans is lower than the different institution's, nevertheless I would gamble it is. It seems to me the fact that government could reduce the number of defaults if it mandated that participating corporations prescribe, and enforce, no-nonsense attendance guidelines. ” Cooper wants to provide evidence that if the universities enforce the rules more than the authorities would have significantly less of a problem.

The writer uses moral appeals by...




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