Ppl Lesson Plan



Category: XI IPA

Semester: IV

Subject: English language

Day/Time: Thursday/07. 15 – 08. forty five am

Proficiency standard: Communicate the meaning on paper functional text message and the straightforward Short composition which contact form procedure to interact with environment

Basic competency: Express this is and rhetorical step in brief simple article with employing written language accurately, fluency, and acknowledged to connect to environment in text which usually form method. Indicator: -- Arrange the process text

- Write the procedure text

Aspect/skill: Writing

Goal learning: In the long run of learning, the student can

compose procedure text

Learning Materials

Monolog text message form:


How to make a cup of coffee




Hot Water


A spoon

A cup


First make a cup and a spoon

Then put some coffee and sugar to the cup

As well as the next and some hot water towards the cup

After that stir very well until enough

Finally a cup of coffee is ready to drink

Vocabulary which can be involved with the material:

Verb: conquer, boil blend, mix, piece, peel, prepare and etc.

Noun: flour, sodium, butter, soup, garlic, egg, water and etc.

Learning Technique

Portofolio, Cooperative learning, learning (pair work)

Step of learning

a. Pre activity (15 minutes)

- Greetings and asking student state

- Verify attendance list

- Asking about the very last material

-- Motivate scholar to study rarely about the material that tutor has offered.

b. Although activity (60 minutes)

-- Remaining student' prior knowledge and inviting students' prior knowledge

-- Student give explanation to student about the material

- Teacher inquire students for making some group

- Teacher give example of Procedure text message

- Scholar concern with the teacher's description

- Tutor asks every single of group to making procedure text.

c. Closing activity

- Requesting student regarding the challenging item in mastering process

- Making summary together with the college students about the fabric

- Give homework regarding the additional descriptive and procedure text

- Closing the learning procedure

Source of Examine

- Text Book, English For a Better life Simply by Marta Yuliani, Gandes Cukat Permaty -- Script tulisan procedure


Written check

I. Organise the content in the right order

How to start computer?

a. After a short while you will see a windows menu on the screen

b. Press the right key of the monitor

c. Press the power button on

d. First, plug-in the power cable

e. Push the arrow pointer on to the start menu and click it

farreneheit. Finally, click on the program menu and choose MS Expression

g. Right now, you are ready to type

h. Then, contain the mouse softly.

Marking system

• Maximal score= twenty

• College student mark=

|No |Essay |Skor | |1 |Accurate in grammar, logical, diction effectively and easy to comprehend |20 | |2 |Less accurate in grammar, coherent, diction accurately, still capable of understand |15 | |3 |Less exact in grammar, not coherent, diction not accurate, hard to understand |10 | |4 |Poor grammar, not coherent, bad diction, can not to know |5 | |5 |Very untidy/full unusual |0

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