Composition: Henry Longfellow


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born on Feb 27, 1807, in Portland, Maine. He attended the Portland Schools and Bowdoin College, where he matured an interest of storytelling and a great enthusiasm pertaining to reading. Longfellow had the aptitude of easy vocally mimic eachother. He wrote poetry as being a bird sings, with natural charm and lyricism. Longfellow wrote upon obvious topics which attract to all varieties of people. His creations will be effortlessly understood; they sing their means into the knowledge of the particular who also read all of them. In " The arrow and the song" by Holly Wadsworth Longfellow, he runs on the central metaphor to juxtapose loss and grief to friendship. In his first two stanzas, this individual utters about how he locations off an arrow and soon after this individual loses this, and how he could be not assured where it really is going, and he misplaces it and he is sad, but this individual does not know what to do. He can perplexed, and he would not know figuratively where to search for it. Nevertheless thereupon in the second stanza he talks about how this individual sang a song and it was shed, and having been said, although he says " For who have sight therefore keen and strong, /That it can follow the flight of a song? ” He is really depressed that he has lost the song, and he is confused again while using song as he was together with the arrow. This kind of poem's tone is wondrous and venerated. The poet is making an example, draw a parallel between the arrow to real life, as well as the song to feeling. The " arrow" and the " song" started out with the poet though remain things which have been managed by physical elements and are anticipated recurred. He's talking about elements and expectations. An arrow's meaning is determined by the intention of the player with the dice. It can mean fulfilling something valuable towards the shooter, or it can suggest to can charge harm to anything or to an individual;, but in the poem the shooter's target was to hurt nobody. Then when it was located intact in an oak tree, it signifies nobody received hurt besides the walnut tree. However, an arrow, like a gossip, can damage and damage someone through of the...

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