Peter Skrzynecki

Several aspects of belonging can be explored through any of Philip Skrzynecki's poems in the Migrant Chronicle. Philip Skrzynecki is exploring belonging as well as effect on him and his family. Belonging can be described as feeling that every human includes a need to think. When a person feels like that they don't are supposed to be they lose the feeling of security, that they lack self confidence and could be physical and physiological wellbeing can also be affected.

In the poem " Street Patrick's College” shows the feeling of being not able to belong in this day to day establishing and the a sense of making his mother proud of him irrespective of how embarrassed he experienced not being of the same class while using students wearing the consistent that impressed her so much.

In similarity what expressed in the poem " Feliks Skrzynecki” again focus on the enormous a sense of isolation captured within the perimeter of his father's community as he chose to exist in the own little cocoon enclosed by recollections of his homeland in Warsaw Biskupiec, poland.

And my third and last poem is usually " 15 Mary Street” which highlights the hardship many foreign nationals face on the cultural level.

My chosen related text messages to the poetry mentioned above happen to be " Camp Rock” a show directed simply by Matthew Diamonds and the child years story of " the ugly duckling”. In the film Camp Ordinary it explores a young girls desire to easily fit into to a university of performers and the extent she would go to in order to belong and be accepted amongst her peers. Just like Peter Skrzynecki need to also are supposed to be this video is family member in the personal, cultural, traditional and definitely the social situations of that belong somewhere is obviously. As we all know, the moral of the story behind the meaning in the Ugly Duckling is that personality is what we believe is important but the pressure to become like all others is socially acceptable. The ugly duckling does not see herself as not that belong and the story is a great example of what it really means to belong.

Philip Skrzynecki provides shaped the poem Saint Patricks...




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