To determine the effects of pH on catalase enzyme activity. Enzyme catalase Lab Statement of the issue:

Catalase fights H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) into water and oxygen.

H2O2 is known as a toxic substance formed during metabolism.


To determine the associated with pH on catalase chemical activity so that as you improve the pH the more oxygen that is produced. Components:

1 ) 5 clean test pontoons

2 . HCI (acid)

a few. Dilute HCI

4. Normal water

a few. NaOH (base)


We start to fill test tube 1 4drops of HCI (acid), evaluation tube a couple of dilute HCI 1 drop and 3ml water, test tube three or more add four drops of NaOH (Base), test conduit 4 water down NaOH one particular drop and 3ml water, test tube 5 add 3 drops of drinking water (neutral). We all filled each tube with the " lean meats solution to find out if there is any kind of reaction inside the different evaluation tubes. Outcomes:

40 mL of the chemical solution was measured in to eleven 50mL beakers that had been labeled as employs: pH 2, pH several, pH4, pH5, pH6, pH7, pH8, pH9, pH10, pH11, andpH12. 10mLofa1mol solution of each and every pH was added into each appropriate beaker. The second set of 9 50mL beakers were received and branded identically to the first set. forty five mL of 1% H2O2 solution was measured in to these beakers. These will be used as the response beakers. Filtration system paper " disks” had been punched out using a hole puncher. One at a time, a disk was immersed into the catalase option for a few seconds. The disk was in that case blotted on the paper bath towel for an extra 5 seconds. The disk was quickly immersed into the substrate solution (H2O2) and let go at the bottom of the beaker. The reaction time was assessed as enough time from when the disk was let go until when it sailed flat for the surface from the solution.




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