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ICTSD InformaTIon noTe number 1, Sept 2010

Litigating environmental Safeguard and Public welfare at the WTo: The Brazil-retreaded Tyres Case ICTSD Project on WTo Jurisprudence and Sustainable Development


In late 2007 the Appellate Physique report within the landmark circumstance Brazil – Measures Influencing Imports of Retreaded Tires (DS332) 1 between the EC as Complainant and Brazil as Respondent was circulated. In response to the EC's difficulties, Brazil acquired argued that its measures were validated under GATT Article TWENTY (b) that allows measures " necessary to guard human, dog or plant life or health”. Even though the Appellate Body eventually ruled the measures had been WTO sporadic, the case produces a major landmark ruling which is often viewed as a great success for environmental policies. In answer to the lording it over, experts just like Professor Joost Pauwelyn discovered that " the WTO has really become an environmental treaty with Artwork. XX like a catch-all obligation to engage in sound and sensible environmental policies”. 2 Furthermore, the case has clarified a lot of aspects of the content XX requirement test which might be of essential importance to get developing countries. First and foremost the truth clarified which the decision about the meaning of and judgment on " undue burden” needs to be decided based on a country's features, i. electronic. the degree of advancement within a region needs to be regarded as.

Background: Global Trade in Used and retreaded Tires

Retreading tires is a method of recycling applied tyres where the life with the original tyre is extended by 30-100%. In that procedure, used tyres are reconditioned for further use by stripping the worn tread in the skeleton and replacing that with fresh material by means of a new stand. Although recycling where possible used tires through retreading is generally eco-friendly because it grows the overall life-span of a tyre, international transact in previously retreaded tyres can adversely impact environmental surroundings and public well-being in the importing country. Under most situations tyres can simply be retreaded once as well as the life span of a retreaded tyre is generally Brazil – Measures Affecting Imports of Retreaded Tyres [Brazil – Tyres], -panel Report WT/DS332/R 12 Summer 2007 [Panel]; Appellate Body Record, WT/DS332/AB/R a few December 3 years ago [Appellate Body]. two Joost Pauwelyn in the Foreign Economic Legislation and Plan Blog, 04. 07. 2007, accessible for: one particular


substantially shorter than that of a fresh tyre that may still be retreaded after work with. The transfer of retreaded tyres consequently results in an increased number of waste materials tyres in the country of vacation spot. This postures significant problems to all countries since tires are generally non-biodegradable and unique technology is needed for their removal since the procedure for burning tires releases organic and inorganic pollutants. Tropical regions, especially developing countries, face added problems. As a result of limited fingertips capacities, tyres are often stored in landfills or perhaps disposed of in illegal deposits. These tires tend to build up water and simply become vectors for illnesses such as yellow-colored fever, malaria and afectacion. The safe-keeping and convenience of used tyres, which will increases with importation of used and retreaded tyres, is as a result likely to have got adverse effects upon human into the the environment. Many developing countries have responded to these difficulties with a general import ban upon used and retreaded tyres. 3 Even though significantly less questioned by the problems of tyre disposal, produced countries also have undertaken various measures to address the problem of tyre removal. Domestic Actions within the EC and Brazil Since 93 the EC has used several assignments regulating tyre disposal. Even though the Landfill Directive4 prohibits the disposal of used tyres in EC landfills, the conclusion of Lifestyle Vehicle Directive5 requires Affiliate countries to acquire...




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