Command and People

21 years old Indispensable Qualities of a Head

By: David Maxwell

Command Outline

1 ) Character

2 . Charisma

three or more. Commitment

some. Communication

five. Competence

6th. Courage

several. Discernment

almost eight. Focus

9. Generosity

10. Initiative

11. Listening

12. Passion

13. Positive Attitude

14. Solving problems

15. Human relationships

16. Responsibility

17. Secureness

18. Self-Discipline

19. Servanthood

20. Teachibility

21. Eye-sight

Character: " Leadership is definitely the capacity and can to rally men into a common purpose and the figure which encourages confidence. ” • How a leader handles the circumstances of life tells you many things regarding his persona. Crisis doesn't invariably make persona, but it absolutely does uncover it. • We choose our character. In fact , we generate it whenever we help to make choices. • The admiration that command must have needs that your ethics always be without question. An innovator not only stays on above the series, between right & wrong, he stays well free from the " gray-areas. ”

Charisma: " How can you have got charisma? Be a little more concerned about making others feel good about themselves than you are regarding making them feel great about you. ” • I've yet to find the man who also did not do better work and put forth increased effort within spirit of approval than under a spirit of critique. • Panache is the ability to draw individuals to you.

• People enjoy market leaders who love and are excited about life. • One of the best actions you can take for people is expect the best of them. • Highly successful people could simply see the good at people. • The greatest good you can do another is not just share your souple but to reveal to him his own. • Hope is greatest of most possessions.

• As you business lead people, offer of your self. Share intelligence, resources, and special occasions.

Commitment: " People do not stick to uncommitted commanders. ”

• Michelangelo – " The almighty will see. ”

• The world has not seen a great leader who also lacked dedication. • Law of Buy-in: People buy into the leader, then this vision. • Some people wish everything to become perfect ahead of they're ready to commit themselves to whatever. But commitment always precedes achievement. • Jordan – " Heart separates the good from the great. ” • The only real measure of commitment is definitely action.

• There will be times when commitment is a only thing that provides you ahead.

Communication: " Communicators consider something challenging and generate it simple. ” • Leaders should be able to discuss knowledge and ideas to transfer a sense of desperation and excitement to others. • Communication is not only what you say. It's also how you say it. The important thing to powerful communication is simplicity. • Speeches = Exciting beginning, dramatic overview, as all together as possible. • To become a better communicator, turn into audience-oriented. Persons believe in superb communicators because great communicators believe in people. • Initial, believe in your words. Second, live what you say. • As you communicate, never forget the fact that goal of communication can be action.

Proficiency: " Competence is the leader's ability to state it, plan it, is to do it so that others understand that you know how – and understand that they want to comply with you. • Competent persons come prepared to play day-to-day, no matter what the conditions they confront. • Most highly proficient people continuously search for approaches to keep learning, growing, and improving. • The person whom knows how will always have a job, but the person who knows why will always be the boss. • Quality is never an accident: it is always the result of substantial intention, honest effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of a large number of alternatives.

Valor: " One person with courage is a bulk. ”

• " Bravery is deservingly esteemed the first of individual qualities, because it is the quality which usually guarantees all others. ” • " Courage is dread that has stated its praying. ”

• Courage is doing...




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