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1 . Focus on department procedures, procedures and flowchart/ narratives. 2 . Make sure you understand the flows of transactions or the protocols as noted in the department policies, types of procedures and flowchart/ narratives. 3. Select 1 transaction to execute a process walkthrough. You can use a similar sample chosen for your (substantive) testing. This kind of walkthrough should confirm our understanding of the flows of transaction also to confirm whether or not the practice is the same as documented in the policies, methods and flowchart/ narratives. 4. Walkthrough should certainly cover avertissement of the transaction, process, consent and saving (cradle to grave). your five. Evaluate segregation of tasks, risks and controls.

6th. Document your walkthrough inside the walkthrough theme. 7. Indication off the workpaper once you complete the walkthrough and documentation.


1 . Documentation should include details of deals tested. Guideline is somebody else can pick the same deal, test the same thing and get the same conclusion. Refer to workpaper template. 2 . What if the final outcome is argumentative, i. at the. somebody else can get different bottom line from your tests? Then document the rationale so why you reach to that realization. For example: if the site is usually small and segregation of obligations issues in payroll exists. But then they may have management assessment every month. And you simply consider it being a good excuse control. Then you should document the issue, as well as the fact that mitigating control exist and satisfactory, so your conclusion is handles are effective. 3. Sign off of the workpaper when you full your testing and records.

Workpaper Routine service

1 ) We is only going to retain evidence of exception in our workpaper. installment payments on your Retain all evidence (with or with no exception) pertaining to manager to review. Once we release the statement, we can get rid of all evidence. 3. For several agreements, we all...




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