Framework and Language in the poem Quickdraw by simply Carol Ann Duffy

Framework and language


Quickdraw has several stanzas of four lines every single, two of that happen to be joined by simply enjambment, wherever one line persists into the next. There is no rhyme scheme or perhaps regular beat. The poem is largely created in totally free verse. Language

Quickdraw takes on on images associated with western (cowboy) videos, as it suggests. " Gunslingers" can be described as term used inside the western to spell out those who fight with guns, often shooting through the hip. The poem starts with replacing weapons with cell phones: " just like guns, slung from the storage compartments on my hips". Duffy is usually making a humorous touch upon the way in which human relationships can be just like a fight, or perhaps " showdown", but the symbolism also advises violence in the characters. There is a light-hearted disposition to the poem, created by images which have been typical of slapstick (physical humour): " I twirl the phone, /then squeeze the trigger of my tongue". Here the metaphor with the tongue being a weapon correctly describes an argument and is comedian when combined with the alliteration in the 't' seems. Punctuation is likewise used by Duffy to reveal the feelings in the speaker. In the first stanza a long opening sentence is usually followed by an extremely short 1 - " I'm all/alone. " - which produces tension within a comedic way, as we, such as the speaker, prepare for the buzzing of mobile phones. Punctuation can be again employed in this way in the final stanza, as the speaker " reel" s i9000 at the invoice of obtaining two sms at once. The girl composes her reply " Take this... /and this... which... and this... and this... ", which in turn sounds like the shots of a gun, or perhaps lots of kisses. The poem is actively ambiguous, so the meaning of the final line is open to interpretation. Perhaps the speaker is giving in, coming back again the " silver bullets of your kisses" with her own or it could this be 1 last attempt for a shootout? The poem also utilizes intimate physical words and phrases, indicating genuine closeness between the two lovers: " In my ear", " listen to me groan", " tongue",...




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