Ending in the Demon Lover (by Elizabeth Bowen)

Stopping of the Demon Lover

Her high in volume scream abruptly stops. The taxi is fully gone, the people, the area, the sound. She discovers herself standing alone with all her possessions beside her. The fog made it hard to see. Authorities sirens happen to be heard from a distance. The lady starts to get anxious, gets her items and taking walks quickly. The sirens acquire closer, owls and wolves are noticed. She left her things behind a well used tree and began to manage. Thinking some thing might be occurring, she hid for basic safety and found her inhale. She looks around, and notices the one thing: she's on the garden. Staying there brought back multiple memories. Her appreciate, she skipped him terribly. Today would be their birthday of 25 years. She thought about him going out of and her promise to leave him move. She appeared down in her side, her represents appeared yet again. Placing it out her breasts, the way the girl laid it on his key and pushed hard enough on her to remember him just each time she viewed her palm. " I need you back” she whispered to very little. Crying, the girl lay on the floor as the sirens prevent. The police officer stepped out of his car to confront the out-of-it Mrs. Drover. " Kathleen Drover” says the officer. " You are beneath arrest for a murder you have committed 25 years ago. ” She raised up her head, compares and confronts the police. " May I know what you will be talking about, sir? He died in the war! ” The girl shouts. " Ma'am, he went missing” The officer says.

Kathleen looked at him and jeered. " He wrote us a letter today. ” The officer hands her the letter, and asked " This page? Mrs. Drover, this is the handwriting. ” Kathleen is confused, left without words and could not believe some thing. " You even signed it with your personal initial, ‘K'. Your fiancé's name was Mark” The lady asked very little, and then out loud, " How did you find me here? ” " Your husband told all of us you had been going back residence. We asked around, a taxi driver told us you had asked to be dropped off here. ” Explained the police officer....




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