English Poetry

Assignment #1

Part A

2 . Exactly what are the representational significances in the candy store in Lawrence Ferlinghetti's " The Pennycandystore Further than the El" (Geddes, 318)?

The candy store in " The Pennycandystore Beyond the El" is symbolic of the child's youngsters. This poem is mentioning the fact that our childhood passes by too early and the candy store is a tip that we have to seize just about every moment to enjoy it. The pennycandystore offers as a escape or refuge to the undersirable climate outside as well as the stresses every day life. It requires on the features of an captivated environment packed with magic and wonder, where a child has got the opportunity to enjoy their children without any disruptions. When " A girl leaped in Her hair was rainy Her breasts were breathless in the little room" (Geddes 319), the safe home of junior is occupied. The purity of junior is misplaced and young adolescence is definitely not far apart.

3. Following reviewing the entry about rhyme in Abram's Glossary, identify 3 different types of end-rhyme in Theodore Roethke's " Prayer" (Geddes, 140). What effects do the rhymes produce?

In " Prayer" there are many examples of end rhyme that add to the overall structure of the poem. These kinds of examples of end-rhyme are lose/choose, dead/head, and preserve/serve. Anyone praying is usually using the rhymes to give the composition a light and sarcastic truly feel. " Therefore , O God, let me protect The Feeling that will so fitly serve; Take Tongue and Ear-all else I have-Let light attend me to the grave" (Geddes 140)! This passage suggests that the person praying wants mild to attend those to the burial plot, but they believe that it to be such a lofty request that they are offering their tongue, ear, and everything else issues body. The rhymes produce the notion the fact that prayer ought not to be taken too seriously.

4. Precisely what is the chief sign in Lorna Crozier's poem " Kinds of Innocence" (Geddes, 675)? What really does the symbol recommend beyond the literal which means?

The main symbol in the composition " Varieties of Innocence" is definitely the black swan, which represents the women's innocence. " A strange shape for chasteness when you think about Leda nevertheless the girl insists it was a swan, dark-colored not white-colored as you might expect" (Geddes 675). Black swans are a exceptional occurrence in nature so is a girl's innocence in every area of your life. The swan " got flight, how it soared from the window beating its wings large above the stubble field" (Geddes 675) is a representation of the girl shedding her virginity. The girl burning off her virginity is the last step to losing the innocence that she once had since a child.

5. In " Epithalamium" (Geddes, 600) Louise Gluck uses alliteration, assonance and consonance. Identify an example of each and comment on the effect of those devices in Gluck's poem.

In " Epithalamium" one of alliteration is definitely " Here is my hand that wont harm you" (Geddes 601). Here the poet is definitely utilizing softer sounds. " There were other folks; their physiques were a preparation" (Geddes 600) is definitely an example of assonance. An example of echo is " the bad charity of marriage" (Geddes 600). The example of assonance and echo use harder sounds to convey a message. You could conclude that higher-pitched noises aggravate the ear, whilst softer-pitched seems appease the ear. The wife inside the poem can be describing her marriage to a abusive partner and uses sound to get her message throughout more obviously. However , it can be ironic which the wife starts off the poem with hard sounds and ends the attack on her behalf husband with soft appears.

6. How can any three of the plant/vegetation images function, or what do they present, in Ezra Pound's translation-poem " The River Merchant's Wife: A Letter" (Geddes, 2526)?

The plants and vegetation inside the poem talk a message with regards to a wife's take pleasure in for her husband. In the beginning from the poem our company is presented with the of a young daughter " yanking flowers" (Geddes 25). The flowers represent a flourishing or developing relationship between little boy and girl. In that case at...

Offered: Geddes, Gary. 20th 100 years Poetry & Poetics: Fourth Edition. Ontario: Oxford

University Press Canada, 1996.




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