-Egypt is preferable to (country) as it has Historical Egyptian abc pictures. The storyline about a character of pharaoh Dynasty national politics and tales of religious. This kind of alphabet photographs was define inside the pyramid. It about more than 4,000 years old. If you want to learn about the historic history Egypt is another good choice -You ought to visit Egypt because there are a large number of oldest and largest items that are suitable for take a picture and share this to your friends. -You need to visit Egypt now because the weather in November to February is the best. Although inside the daytime it includes sunshine, you must wear an overcoat. -Lots of adj and convincing speech --- largest, most well-known, mysterious

Arabic Republic of Egypt, regarded generally since Egypt and Cairo is definitely the capital. We would to ask you to travel around in the Egypt after the final exam because Egypt is a oldest tourist destinations in the world. There are the old remains and Nile River that are8888 The most famous pyramid is Giza Pyramid Intricate which involves Khufu and Khafre. The Khufu or The Great Pyramid of Giza is the one of many Seven Magic of the World that remains in the current and it is most significant and most ancient among the pyramids of Giza. The Next is usually Khafreคาเฟร or Chephrenคีเฟรน The topof the pyramid are still polished limestone layers. A lot of limestone weighing up to several tons. With the nearby have Great Sphinx. it was built fromthe only one stone. Sphinx's brain is a human but body is a Big cat. it is One of many largest and oldest on the globe.

But the mystery of Egypt is some people predict the Pyramid of Giza was built by Alien because there are technological advanced than humans. The reason is the ancient Egyptians would not have the tools and also the ability to build the pyramid.




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