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The question I selected to review for week ones community forum question is definitely question and second.

Discover and identify which level from the " Stage Model” identified within just chapter two, that the own family happens to be involved. Exactly what the benefits and deficits linked to this stage?

One of the stages that our is dealing with may be the " Becoming an Adult stage”. In line with the text by Herbert Goldenberg and Irene Goldenberg (2008), when a child becomes an adult and go away they usually stay connected to the family. My little girl will be turning 20 January 18, 2012 and the girl still lives at home. She's a student on the local community college or university and the girl with also working. Having her at home during her educational endeavors excellent and poor. I feel it truly is good in that people know where she is every evening and that all of us feel she actually is in the safety of her own home. Also knowing that she is not at some university running is very rewarding. I likewise feel simply by her coming to home enables her to focusing on her school work. However, she is not living on their own allowing her to make her own decisions. She must live on their own in order for her to make it in world. This basically brings us towards the coping with " Adolescent Stage”. Although she is about to change 20, the girl still has the mentality of your teenager. The text states: within this stage the family unit as a whole looks new issues, particularly with autonomy and new found self-reliance (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2008). The difficulties we deal with with her is allowing for her to generate her individual decisions as being a young mature but also maintain parental authority in our home. This situation becomes challenging because now that she is elderly rules possess changed. We must allow her to grow into adulthood however maintain the rules of the house (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2008). For instance , now that she actually is older she wants to go out and spend time with her friends after. She really wants to be able to appear in to the...

Sources: Goldenberg, I., & Goldenberg, H. (2008). Family therapy: An overview (7th ed. ). Pacific

Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole.

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