Baker; s Cyst Anatomy And Physiology

Baker's Cyst Anatomy And Physiology

To raised understand a Baker's cyst, it helps to understand the anatomy from the knee joint.

A cyst is a lined sac longchamp pas cher that contains liquid.  Cysts that contact form around bones are because of a protruding of the joint capsule. A Baker's cyst develops from the knee joint capsule. It protrudes in to the tissues at the back of the knees.

Four bone tissues come together at the knee joint:

5. Patella/Kneecap - The patella is a small , and flat, round bone that articulates with the femur in front of the kneejoint. The undersurface provides articular the cartilage on it to let it to glide easily over the femoral groove (trochlea) as the knee is definitely flexed. The quadriceps muscles uses the the patella as a fulcrum to increase it is power when ever extending the knee.    � * Femur/Thighbone – A lengthy bone between the hip and the knee. The top of the femur articulates with all the acetabulum with the hip bone fragments * Tibia:

* Solid bone in the front from the lower leg

5. Fibula:

5. Thin bone on the side from the lower leg

The tibia facilitates all of the body's weight below the knee joint. The tibia and femur form the significant portion of the knee joint, and the patella protects the front of knee.

Bone tissues of the knee:

* Knee muscles and bones

* Knee bone fragments and x-ray

The main tendons in leg include:

* Quadriceps tendon: attaches the quadriceps muscle mass to the cap * Patellar tendon: hooks up the patella to the shin

2. Popliteus tendons: extends from your outer bottom surface of the femur and journeys diagonally in back of the leg to attach to the inner higher surface from the tibia. * Hamstring muscles: attach the hamstring muscle tissues to the shin * Leg tendons: affix the leg muscles to the femur

Knee Ligaments�

Strong fibrous bands, called ligaments, support the knee. Injuries towards the knee fidelite are common.

The knee affection include:

5. Lateral collateral ligament: stabilizes the knee from stress applied to the sides from the knee * Medial...




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